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As a long-established chemical company with a more than 125-year history, we employ around 1,000 people worldwide in the fields of high-quality construction membranes, building paints, micro​layer corrosion protection systems, and paste formulations.


The subsidiaries

The DÖRKEN GROUP companies – renowned for commitment, innovation and strength

The wholly owned subsidiaries of DÖRKENGROUP occupy leading market positions and are proven experts in their segments.

Structure of DÖRKENGROUP

Our five divisions are supported and united by a solid structure and management team. It’s a platform that readily accommodates the company’s heritage and its innovation.


Thorsten Koch

Thorsten Koch, since 2016

Supervisory board of DÖRKENGROUP

Supervisory board

(Clockwise from top left)

Karl Ewald Dörken, since 2016
Ute Herminghaus, since 2016
Herbert Müller (chairman), since 2004
Thomas Kaiser, since 1999

Dörken Service GmbH

Dörken Service GmbH

Thorsten Koch

Dörken Service GmbH performs numerous services for the DÖRKENGROUP companies. Its central functions include

  • Business Development
  • HR/Personnel
  • Purchasing
  • Financial Accounts
  • Controlling
  • IT & Organisation (IT/O)
  • Facility Management
  • Health/Safety/Environment (HSE)


From Herdecke to the world

A family enterprise with an international footprint – how does that work? Very well, actually. From its headquarters in Herdecke in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, DÖRKENGROUP oversees branches on all five continents.


Shared values

DÖRKENGROUP is a highly successful family enterprise. Shared values unite the DÖRKENGROUP companies and provide a platform for prosperous and sustainable business activity.


We seek to create value-added in everything we do. We measure our products and services against the strictest quality criteria, and we strive to be a loyal and thoroughly dependable partner to our customers.

Bernd von Pachelbel

Bernd von Pachelbel
Managing director of CD Color GmbH & Co.KG 


We have an entrepreneurial mindset. Our entire team invest imagination, boldness and determination in continuously refining processes and products. It’s an approach that delivers success.  

Team spirit

We translate an open corporate culture into practice in our family enterprise. Each and every one of our employees contributes to the company’s success. We have every faith in their commitment and ability, and give them as much autonomy and freedom as possible.

Guido Strauch

Guido Strauch
Managing director of Protec Systempasten GmbH


We accept responsibility. Everyone in the company acts scrupulously and with the utmost commitment. Our outstanding performance is not a matter of chance, but the outcome of focused action.


We have confidence in one another. Our success is founded on good relationships and trust. We enable each other to demonstrate responsibility, and we know that we can rely on our fellow workers at all times.


We hold each other in high esteem. Respect, tolerance and fairness are the hallmarks of a workplace that fosters success, harmony and well-being. In our family-run business, we maintain close relationships and look after one another.


When dealing with other people, we epitomise all that’s good about Dörken. We identify with the company’s values and goals, and reflect them in the outside world.


We owe it to ourselves and the forthcoming generations to observe sustainable principles. We set ourselves ambitious targets not only to maintain profitability, but also to protect the environment and promote a caring society.

Ingo Quent

Ingo Quent
Managing director of Dörken GmbH & Co. KG


We pursue economic goals. We seek to achieve sustainable and profitable growth in all our divisions. But what’s equally important to us as the desire to expand the business continuously, organically and responsibly, is our commitment to its stability.


We pursue ecological goals. As a chemical company, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. We have set ourselves bold environmental targets and an organisation to reinforce our continuous drive to meet them.


We pursue social goals. In our view, profit orientation and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. We take our duty towards our employees and a caring society very seriously.


A culture of innovation runs like a thread through all DÖRKENGROUP companies. We consciously promote an inventive mindset at every level and give our employees all the time and freedom they need. After all, every innovation starts with an enthusiastic mind.

Martin Welp

Martin Welp
Managing director of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG


We seek constantly to develop ourselves and our company. Innovation holds the key to the future, and working continuously towards further progress triggers business success. And in many cases, it leads to market leadership as well.


We enable our employees to engage in continuing professional development. Our company’s success depends on the people who work for us, and we support them with further training programmes and coaching. And we are delighted when they decide to stay with DÖRKENGROUP for many years. 



Achieving success since 1892

Ewald Dörken was granted a permit to establish a paint factory more than 125 years ago. Browse through our history to learn about everything that has happened since then.

Looking forward

Global Tec Center: Building the future of work

Building the future of work

While investing in the future, we are also sustaining our commitment to doing business in Herdecke. The new office block for DÖRKENGROUP will further reflect both our sense of tradition and our quest for innovation. We are erecting a contemporary building between the current headquarters and the historic Villa Frieda on Wetterstrasse, to be completed by mid-2020. It will provide space for more than 100 new workstations as well as conference rooms and lounges.

The building will be transparent, bright and welcoming from the outside, while its interior design will focus on fostering interaction and open dialogue. Ultra-modern functional offices are to be complemented by meeting rooms and open-plan working lounges in an attractive environment that will promote not only productivity, but also interaction and socialising.

Embracing the future with digital skills

Looking forward

Strictly speaking, digitalisation is not only about the future because we are already engaged in the process now. The DÖRKENGROUP companies have been developing new digital strategies for a long time, typically with a view to optimising communication with customers or enhancing the efficiency of internal documentation procedures.

In order to support the digital transformation that is taking place throughout the whole enterprise, each of the four operating divisions of DÖRKENGROUP appointed a digital consultant at the start of 2018. The young and expertly educated consultants are amalgamating their digital skill set and a level-headed outside perspective with the know-how and experience of Dörken’s long-standing employees. Numerous innovative ideas arising from their engagement in workshops and interviews are already being put into practice.

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