Interior wall paint LUCITE® INSIDE SILICAT

ELF dispersion silicate for interior. Ideal for sensitive rooms. Suitable for e.g. ceiling and wall coatings in living areas, kindergartens, schools, public buildings, as well as for monument conservation.

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    LUCITE® Inside Silicat


  • Free from solvents, plasticizers, preservatives and fogging-active substances
  • Environmentally friendly and odorless drying
  • Harmless from the point of view of indoor air hygiene
  • Anti-mold
  • Highly diffusible
  • Opacity class 1 / wet abrasion class 2 (scrub resistant)
  • Non-combustible, A 2 according to DIN 4102
  • Harmless from the point of view of indoor air hygiene
  • Highly diffusible according to DIN EN 1062
  • Anti-mold

Technical data

Product code BSW40
Consumption 145 ml/m²
Packaging Sizes Ready 5 L / 12 L



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