Corrosion protection varnishes DELTA® ANTICOR DTS 2K - SG 40

Silk gloss, 2-component PUR primer and top coat with excellent adhesion properties on steel, aluminum, galvanized steel (zinc coating), stainless steel, powder-coated substrates, OSB boards, wood, MDF, many plastics (rigid PVC, ABS, polyester, etc.) and mineral surfaces (walls, floors). The product can also be used as a textured coating e.g. on machinery, office equipment and laboratory equipment. Use indoors and outdoors. DTS = Direct to Substrate

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    DELTA® AntiCor DTS 2K - SG 40


  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • non-yellowing
  • elastic
  • high surface hardness
  • very good corrosion protection / active corrosion protection due to zinc phosphate base
  • Stew system
  • weather resistant
  • good chemical resistance

Technical data

Consumption 70



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