DÖRKEN Aqua is the solution for aqueous applications. An extensive selection of inorganic and individual organic pigments enables the tinting of aqueous and facade paints and plasters to be applied on the silicone, silicate and/or synthetic resin base. The new generation of pigments guarantees the best possible colour stability for your facade whereby of course all this occurs in compliance with all applicable environmental standards and guidelines.

Special features

  • Particularly compatible water-based pastes for aqueous acrylate dispersions, silicate paints, and mineral plasters
  • Special recommendation for water-based plasters - without changing the viscosity of the plaster
  • Good alkali and acid resistance, special inorganic configuration
  • Maximum fastness to light and weathering through special inorganic pigments or special high quality, organic pigments for bright and longlasting colours on the facade
  • The most recent formulations