Ridge and arris roll DELTA®-ECO ROLL

Efficient ridge and arris roll for the connection of roof coverings, such for example with roof tiles and roof stones.

The fleece structure positioned in the central section provides the required ventilation cross-sections for ventilation in the arris and ridge area.

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  • Material composite of the aluminium edge area and multi-layer polyester fleece in the central section
    For secure and permanent arris and ridge closures.
  • Good expansion reserve of approx. 30% in the edge area thanks to pronounced pleating
    Thanks to the expansion reserve, DELTA®-ECO ROLL can easily be moulded to the profile of the covering material.
  • Foil-coated aluminium on the underside with elevated tear resistance
    to guarantee a safe and rapid processing.
  • Available in three roll widths: 240 mm, 310 mm, 380 mm
    ideally matched to the profile of the respective covering material.


The product DELTA®-ECO ROLL can be installed rapidly and easily in just a few steps:

  • Roll out and staple on the arris/ridge lath. The roll can be easily aligned thanks to the product name printed on its central section.
  • Peel off the separating strip, shape the edge area and then press the adhesive strip on.
  • Fasten the ridge/arris tile in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications. That's it!

During the laying process, the subfloor must be sound, dry and free of dust.

The following video shows the installation of DELTA®-ECO ROLL on the ridge:

Technical data

Material Film-coated, highly tear-resistant aluminium on the underside. Multi-layer polyester fleece (positioned in the central area). Butyl adhesive strips positioned on both edges.
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C
Application temperature from +5 °C to +40 °C
Stretchability margin by pleating approx. 30%
Substrate condition Load-bearing, dry, free of grease, frost and dusti
Roll width 240 mm, 310 mm, 380 mm
Roll length 5 m
Packaging 4 rollers
Colours black, red, brown



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