Construction paints and varnishes Waterbased LUCITE® 144 HVLP ALL-TOP SATIN

Intelligent one-pot system for high quality spray applications on wood, wood-based materials, rigid PVC, aluminium, zinc and other surfaces. When applying two coats of the product, for example on old existing coats, it is not necessary to apply an additional priming coat. LUCITE® 122 All-Top Aqua Satin is suitable for nearly all surfaces on site. Construction elements in exteriors: roof eaves, façade panelling, windows and doors, railings, gutters, downpipes, garage doors etc. Construction elements in interiors: interior doors, windows, wall and ceiling panels, stucco profiles, skirtings etc. LUCITE® 144 HVLP All-Top Satin is perfect for use both in interiors and exteriors.

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    LUCITE® 144 HVLP All-Top Satin


  • direct adhesion on steel door frames primed in an electrophoresis process/by cathodic dip painting (for example of the company of HÖRMANN)
  • high layer thickness, up to a wet layer thickness of 200 µm in one coat
  • excellent flow and high covering capacity on edges
  • direct adhesion without primer on aluminium, zinc and many other surfaces
  • excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Diffusible
  • Chemical resistant
  • High stability (up to 200μm)
  • Good course
  • Meets the requirements for the safety of toys according to DIN EN 71:2014 Part 3: Migration of certain elements.

Technical data

Consumption ml/m²
Colour tones white
Packaging Sizes Ready 2,5 L
Packaging Sizes MIX 2,5 L



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