On-roof insulation accessories DELTA®-SYSTEMSCHRAUBE (SYSTEM SCREW)

Screw made of special steel to attach the DELTA®-MAXX POLAR on-roof insulation.
High corrosion protection and special surface hardness. Due to the special geometry the screw-in torque is highly reduced. General building authority approval Z-9.1-836.

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    DELTA®-SYSTEMSCHRAUBE in der Anwendung
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The DELTA®-SYSTEMSCHRAUBE (system screw) is used as a suction and push screw for fastening the DELTA®-MAXX POLAR rafter insulation.

The length of the DELTA®-SYSTEMSCHRAUBE (system screw) depends on the structure of layers above the rafters.

Torx T40 bits are required to fasten the DELTA® SYSTEMSCHRAUBE (system screw).

The required quantity must be calculated related to the object. For more information send a email to membranes@doerken.de.

Technical data

Screw lengths 180 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm, 240 mm, 260 mm, 280 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm, 340 mm
Packaging 50 Stk. / box


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