Adhesive tape DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND

One-sided adhesive nail sealing tape from the roll for the secure sealing of nail spots.

It can be assembled on the surface of the track or on the counter battens.

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    DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND Befestigung auf Konterlattung
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    DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND auf der Konterlattung
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    Nageldichtungsband DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND


  • Flexibility when it comes to the application
    The application of DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND can be carried out either directly to the surface of the track or to the underside of the counter batten. Depending on the situation, the weather and the degree of prefabrication, DELTA®-SCHAUM-BAND can be used to save time and money with the best functional result.
  • It complies with the specifications of the German ZVDH technical regulations related to the perforation protection


In the following videos you can see the two different assembly options:

Technical data

Material PU foam
Application temperature (temperature-controlled storage recommended) Starting from an ambient and component temperature of +5°C
Functional temperature range from -40 °C to + 80 °C
Roll width 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm
Roll length 30 m



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