High-performance roofing membranes for every application!

As the leading manufacturer in the roofing membrane branch, we keep setting new and innovative standards when it comes to technology, product quality and practicality. In this context, for us, nature is often a strong source of inspiration: The vapour-permeable roof underlay membranes of the DELTA®-MAXX family use a special fleece which is just as tear-resistant and elastic as the web of a spider.

With DELTA® roofing membranes, roofers and carpenters offer their customers a maximum level of security and a constant protection. DELTA®: Always the suitable roof solution - for every kind of common application and for every requirement you may have!

Wide range of products for roofing membranes

We have the suitable material for every requirement you may have when it comes to the construction of efficient and insulated roofs with coverage. In the extensive product portfolio offered by DÖRKEN, there is a large selection of self-adhesive, waterproof, and vapour-permeable roof underlay and lining membranes available.

Roof coverages cover each other like scales and are considered "rainproof". The sub-roofs, underlays and linings are referred to as additional measures or, more amateurishly, as a second level for the water drainage. Underlay membranes for example - referred to as sub-roofing membranes in Switzerland and Austria - prevent driving rain and drifting snow or dripping condensation from penetrating through the joints of the roofing into the roof structure and the thermal insulation.

Depending on the quality of the additionally taken measures, they may also be used as temporary coverage for the temporary protection of a roof area. In combination with the DELTA® system accessories, the DELTA® roofing membranes offer the protection of your building from moisture while you are carrying out your roofing work. Even with temporarily damaged roofing, they offer a reliably protection against consequential damage. This is the reason why the product must meet the highest requirements.

However, a roofing membrane should not be confused with an air or vapour barrier. While additional measures support the roofing on the outside of the roof, air and vapour barriers offer the protection of the insulation and roof structure on the room side from moisture from the room air penetrating from the inside.