Adhesive range and roof accessories

The expert laying and adhesion of roof sheeting - including in all adjoining areas - is of fundamental importance for a functioning roof construction. The DELTA® adhesive range ensures maximum security down to the tiniest detail. Whether it is the air-tight and/or rain-proof connection of the DELTA® membranes in the edge and overlap areas, the repair of cracks or connection to sheet metal, such as at the eaves: there are tailored adhesive materials available for every application. We also offer solutions for the sealing of nailing areas, perforations, or tricky roof details, e.g., in the case of roof windows, pipes and cables. All products feature strong adhesiveness, ease and speed of application and long-lasting adhesive connections.

The perfectly tailored DELTA® system comprising adhesive systems for use in the roof area, DELTA® roof membranes and air and vapour barriers/inhibitors enables secure constructions with long-lasting functionality. Customers, architects and roofing tradesmen benefit from this in equal measure. Discover our adhesive expertise!

The right adhesive tape for all roof requirements

DELTA® adhesive systems for all eventualities: Roof membranes as well as air and vapour barriers protect insulation against moisture penetration from the exterior or interior. However, they can only fulfil this key function with expert application. The matching DELTA® adhesive solutions and sealing materials are essential for this.

To achieve an optimal result, the material properties of the adhesive products should always be tailored to the respective roof sheeting. It is therefore advisable to always remain within one system when selecting material. The DELTA® adhesive range is a complete system package that offers the expert solution for each area of use: from the repair of minor defects to the creation of a sub-roof. Whether it is the bonding of pitched roof sheeting or air and vapour barriers/inhibitors: all adhesive system products are optimally tailored to one another and ensure the reliable and long-lasting protection of your construction project.

DELTA®-MULTI-BAND, DELTA®-INSIDE-BAND and DELTA®-TIXX fulfil the highest standards and are tested to DIN 4108-11 (Minimum requirements to the durability of bond strength with adhesive tapes and adhesive masses for the establishment of airtight layers).