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The Latin verb corrodere, from which the word ‘corrosion’ is derived, means to decompose, to decay or gnaw to pieces. The best-known form of corrosion is rust: iron or steel reacts to oxygen and water and weathers. The resulting damage is in the billions. No matter whether steel, iron or any other material – it is not possible without reliable corrosion protection!

DÖRKEN is the leading supplier of microlayer corrosion protection systems. With innovative technologies, we offer the best possible corrosion protection for every industry. 

Tailor-made solutions for your project: Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements for corrosion protection. Our experts will find the optimum coating solution for your project and, thanks to a global network of licensed coaters, ensure the highest quality. 

Basic knowledge about corrosion and corrosion protection

For more than 30 years, the experts of Dörken MKS have developed effective systems for corrosion protection and are glad to share their in-depth knowledge with you.

What forms of corrosion are there?

Corrosion occurs in various forms, depending on the environmental conditions, these include:

  • Surface corrosion: This is where corrosion damages most or all of the surface evenly. A special form of surface corrosion is shallow pitting, in which the erosion rates differ due to locally different corrosion conditions.
  • Selective pitting corrosion: In this form, corrosion begins at small points on the surface and then spreads horizontally underneath the surface. Since the visible spreading is minimal, the corrosion often goes unnoticed for a long time. For this reason, the damage can also be very considerable.
  • Contact corrosion: If two different metals are in contact under the influence of moisture, the less noble metal becomes an anode and dissolves more quickly. The dissolution rate of the more noble metal, on the other hand, decreases.

Active or passive corrosion protection can be used to protect a material against these and other forms of corrosion (hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen corrosion, bimetallic corrosion, etc).

What is active corrosion protection?‘Active corrosion protection’ is the term used when measures are taken to directly influence and block the reaction processes. These include all protective treatments of metallic surfaces that have an active corrosion-inhibiting effect. There are different procedures for this:

  • The addition of an inhibitor that prevents corrosion
  • The removal of substances that promote corrosion
  • Electrochemical corrosion protection in which the material is protected by cathodic or anodic polarisation

What is passive corrosion protection?

In passive corrosion protection, the material is separated by a coating in front of the aggressive element (air, water, acid). Possibilities for the formation of a protective layer include:

  • Paints
  • Plastic coatings

Although corrosion can never be stopped completely, corrosion protection will slow down the process – and with a suitable coating solution it can even be slowed down considerably.

What coating solutions does DÖRKEN Coatings offer for your corrosion protection?

The right solution is the one that is best suited to your challenges and objectives. Dörken Coatings offers you a variety of innovative corrosion protection coating solutions:

  • Zinc flake coating: The particular strength of a zinc flake system is its extremely low layer thickness (average 8-20 µm) combined with high resilience. A cathodic corrosion protection by the zinc sacrificial anodes actively protects the component against corrosion. The modular system of basecoat and topcoat can be individually adapted to your requirements (chemical resistance, specific coefficient of friction, etc). 
  • Electroplating: Whatever your requirements are, the galvanic protection system from Dörken Coatings can meet them. The system, which comprises pre-treatment products, zinc baths, passivations and topcoats, can be individually tailored to your requirements. Selected licensees and globally standardised products guarantee a high uniform quality of cathodic protection against corrosion. The excellent metallic appearance also enables its use in decorative applications.
  • Coil coating: Safe, continuous and extremely efficient – the Dörken Coatings fully automated coil coating process guarantees the production of an efficient composite material. The specifications required by the customer can be met precisely – the corrosion protection is constantly high even with different layer thicknesses or functional properties. The wide range of different product designs and surface appearances enables their use in numerous industries and applications.

Find the optimum corrosion protection with the experts from DÖRKEN

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