Self adhesive membrane for temporary protection of wooden elements DELTA®-WOODIXX

Uncompromising protection of timber components against moisture during the construction phase.

The full faced self-adhesive membrane is the perfect combination of vapour permeability, transparency and ease of installation. Fast and easy to process.

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  • High transparency
    All markings, millings, drill holes remain visible thanks to high transparency. Even the rapid drying out of trapped moisture can be visually seen – for fast progress of follow-up work without any delay.
  • Excellent moisture proofing
    Thanks to its high vapour permeability and low Sd-value unplanned moisture penetration dries off safely. This ensures reliable protection against moisture damage.
  • High slip resistance
    Extremely non-slip surface ensures the highest level of safety during application – even in wet conditions and on steep slopes.
  • Familiar scribing
    Scribing with pencil or chalk line is just as possible as on the wood surface itself - for particularly comfortable processing.
  • Easy alignment
    Easy to position thanks to separate liner. Dimensionally stable special reinforcement scrim for fast, straight as well as wrinkle-free installation.
  • Full-surface bonding
    The fact that it sticks to the entire area of the sub-surface prevents any under-run of the sheet at any angled supports, fastenings or other perforations. Later labour-intensive work on water stains is no longer necessary. The full-surface bonding to the substrate prevents the membrane from creeping into inclined supports, fastenings and other perforations - no time-consuming reworking of water spots (e. g. sanding of a complete ceiling).
  • Repositionable
    The special formulation of the adhesive allows the membrane to be removed from the substrate immediately after application and realigned if necessary. The laying direction of the membrane can thus be corrected once again


Temporary weather protection of prefabricated wall and ceiling elements in CLT and timber frame construction in multi-storey large-scale buildings - especially ceiling elements in visible quality on the underside.

DELTA®-WOODIXX can be laid either directly at the construction site or during prefabrication before transport. The membrane can be glued either on with an overlap (25 cm) to overlap the elements during assembly. The narrow width (25cm) of split liner remains on the membrane until further processing. Flush fitting is also possible. The element joints are then bonded with a tailored strip of DELTA®-WOODIXX.

Technical data

Material Self-adhesive multi-layer laminate with vapour permeable functional film and integrated reinforcement. Split liner on the back 125/25 cm
Reaction to fire Class E (tested on a wooden support), EN 13501-1
Surface weight 210 gsm without liner, 265 gsm with liner
Tensile strength MD/CMD approx. 270/180 N/5cm, EN 12311-1
Elongation at maximum tensile strength MD/CMD approx. 35/25%, EN 12311-1
Resistance to tearing MD/CMD (nail shank) approx. 160/250 N, EN 12310
Waterproof class before and after ageing (336h QUV) Class W1, EN 13859-1+2
Sd-value approx. 0.18 m, EN ISO 12572
Dimensional stability < 0.5%, EN 1107-2
CE-conformity EN 13859-1+2
Temperature resistance -40°C to +80°C
Processing +5 °C (ambient and construction part temperature)
Roll dimension 30 m x 1.50m
Weight per roll approx. 13.95 kg (incl. liner and cardboard core)
Maximum exposure to outdoor weathering Temporary protection of ceiling elements up to 6 weeks



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