Ridge and arris roll

Ridge and arris rolls create the connection between the roof tiles and the roof stones to cover the ridge and/or burr coverage. They ensure that the moisture coming from outside cannot simply penetrate the roof and at the same time allow the air to escape to the outside. This ensures the proper ventilation of the roof surfaces and the ideal protection of the ridge and arris.

In case of a pitched roof, the air flows above all under the roof tiles at the eaves and must be able to escape again from the ridge and/or the arris. The objective of this natural ventilation is the removal of moisture from the roof structure so that no harmful condensation will form in the cooler outer layers of the roof structure. In this context, special ridge tiles or stones play an important role: They prevent rain from falling into the roof structure and at the same time they allow the air to escape from the roof structure on both sides of the ridge tiles. A ridge roll is used as a cover by positioning it under the ridge tile. Since the same roll is also used on the ridges, it is also referred to as ridge and arris roll.

Protective function of the ridge roll

Without a functioning ventilation and/or aeration of the roof ridge through the ridge roll, the risk increases that moisture will collect in the attic without insulation or in the roof structure. Furthermore, if there is insufficient aeration, there is a risk of mould forming inside the roof structure. In case of snowfall and strong winds, the ridge roll prevents snow from penetrating the roof area and the substructure.

Installation of the ridge and arris roll

In order to optimally form the roof ridge, the professional installation of the ridge and arris roll is essential. For this purpose, the roof is first completely covered, except for the ridge tiles, after that the ridge battens are installed. Then the ridge roll is laid. In the end, the ridge tiles will be put on. Ridge and arris rolls can be ideally shaped to the roofing material used. This is why they blend harmoniously into the overall picture.