Drainage membrane DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO

The unique four-layer protection and drainage system for installation depths of up to 10 m. With integrated self-adhesive edge.

DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO was already developed and used for permanent waterproofing in 1993 for the special use on pressure-sensitive surfaces, for example polymer-modified thick bituminous coatings (PMBC, formerly known as KMB) and guarantees a constant protection of the seal.

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    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO in der Anwendung
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    Vertical installation (perpendicular to the GOK) of the DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO.
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    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO in der Anwendung


  • Unique compound of material
    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO consists of four different layers: perforated sliding film, drainage fleece, dimpled sheet and laminated geotextile. Thanks to the micro-perforated sliding film and drainage fleece, water standing between the membrane and the seal, which could exert considerable pressure on the seal, is reliably drained off.
  • Integrated self-adhesive edge
    The smooth overlap edge with integrated adhesive zone enables the strips to be easily connected to one another. This prevents backfill material from trickling in, so that the seal is additionally protected. This improves the stability of the individual strips as well.
  • 100 years of tested long-term resistance
    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO - with tested long-term resistance of up to 100 years - is free of recycling material in accordance with DIN EN 13252 and has passed tests for aging resistance by independent and accredited testing institutes. In this way, you can benefit from the permanent and sustainable protection of the whole building shell.
  • Ideal dimpled sheet
    The dimpled sheet has an optimal ratio of knob structure and weight per unit area. In this way and with a height of 9 mm it offers the perfect combination in terms of compressive strength, drainage performance and handling. The DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO makes a drainage capacity of 2.4 l/s·m possible, even with an installation depth of 10 m.
  • Even load distribution
    Thanks to the sliding film, the contact area between the DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO and the surface is 100%. So, the seal is optimally protected from punctiform loads from the filling material.
  • Protection against unavoidable subsidence
    Frequently occurring subsidence in the backfilled construction pit can lead to movements of the protective and drainage membrane but do not have a major effect on the waterproofing because the sliding film is loosely connected to the sealing membrane.
  • No silting up of the knob structure
    Thanks to its special structure and its characteristic opening width of 150 μm, the laminated geotextile is extremely filter-stable and prevents the dimpled sheet from silting up.
  • Conformity to standards and guidelines
    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN QUATTRO is CE-marked on base of DIN EN 13252 and meeting the requirements of DIN 4095 and DIN 18533 and the “Guideline for the planning and execution of polymer-modified bituminous thick coatings (PMBC)”.


Due to its high compressive strength, the membrane can be used at installation depths of up to 10 m and thanks to its large drainage capacity it can handle even extremely high water loads.
It can also be used as methane gas and radon drainage.

The processing can be done either parallel or perpendicular to the top of the terrain. It must always be ensured that the printed geotextile faces the soil or backfill material.

Overlaps of two membrane tracks on the long sides is done with the help of the self-adhesive edge. In case of transverse joints, the lower sheet must be laid at least 20 cm under the upper sheet.

DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN QUATTRO can also be used for horizontal applications.

Technical data

Material of the dimpled sheet High density polyethylene (PE-HD)
Material of the geotextile Polypropylene
Material of the sliding film Polyethylene
Material of the drainage fleece Polypropylene
Dimple height approx. 9 mm
Air gap approx. 7,9 l/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Application in drainage systems for draining (D) and filtering (F)
as a protective layer of the seal according to the standard DIN 18533
Compressive strength approx. 400 kN/m² (EN ISO 25619-2)
Tensile strength MD 13,8 kN/m (EN ISO 10319)
CMD 14,1 kN/m (EN ISO 10319)
Dynamic perforation resistance 40 mm (EN ISO 13433)
Characteristic opening size 150 μm (EN ISO 12956)
Water permeability 0,08 m/s (EN ISO 11058)
Water drainage capacity 3,5 l/m · s bei 20 kPa (Gradient i = 1,0) (EN ISO 12958)
Weather resistance To be covered within a term of two weeks from the date of installation.
Dimensions 12,5 m x 2,00 m




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