Facade paint LUCITE® 844 SILICOTEC

Silicone resin façade paint which creates surfaces similar to whitewash, highly dirt- and water repellent. Suitable for mineral surfaces like plasters of mortar groups P1c, P2 and P3 according to DIN 18550, sand-lime bricks and brick masonry, white-wash, cement and silicate paints, thermal insulation composite systems, old dispersion coats and synthetic resin plasters in exteriors. LUCITE® 844 Silico Tec combines the positive characteristics of pure acrylate paints and silicon resin paints.

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    LUCITE® 844 SilicoTec


  • particularly indicated for mineral surfaces
  • high water-vapour permeability (V1)
  • medium water permeability (W2)
  • protects against harmful air pollutants and rain
  • higher protection against organic growth such as moss and algae
  • High opacity
  • High whiteness
  • Alkaline resistant
  • Low tension
  • Coating system for ETIC systems

Technical data

Consumption 140 - 160 ml/m²
Packaging Sizes Ready 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L
Packaging Sizes MIX 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L



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