Roofing membrane, Roofing membrane for hard sheathing DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY

The combination of layers with varying performance makes the breathable soft sheating and sarking sheet particularly robust – over the course of many years. Because its proven longevity ensures a lastingly secure roof. Its great robustness means it offers optimal protection during installation.

The extremely resistant roofing membrane is tailored perfectly for use on roofs with formwork. Naturally, it is also suitable for use on fully insulated roofs without formwork.

New from 01/01/2023

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  • Long-term functionality
    With our DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY the focus is on longevity. The roofing membrane maintains performance over the course of years and protects reliably. This is confirmed by extreme quality and long-term testing and the corresponding ETA. With DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY roofs have reliable protection. 
  • 30-year warranty
    We give a 30-year warranty on our DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY membrane and thereby promise long-term reliability. If, in spite of expert installation, a problem occurs with a guaranteed characteristic, we will replace the material and bear the cost of removal and installation – swiftly and without complication.
    Click here for the warranty statement.
  • Practical self-adhesive strips
    The integrated self-adhesive edging strip fast and secure adhesion of roofing membranes overlaps. This means that neither cold air nor moisture can enter the insulation, increasing efficiency.
  • Highly breathable
    The permeable functional layer between the spun fibre fabrics ensures very high breathability. Building moisture and condensation in the structure can therefore dry again swiftly. The breathability lies far above that of bitumen-based roofing membranes and many types of plastic sheeting.
  • Optimised for roofs with formwork
    The heavy and thick fabrics of DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY optimally protect the functional film of the roofing membrane on rough surfaces. This means that already during installation it is certain that the membrane will offer the roof truly long-lasting protection


The new DELTA-XX PLUS® family


DELTA-XX PLUS® HEAVY is the robust solution for roofs with formwork and meets the requirements of ZVDH product data sheets UDB-A and USB-A. The roofing membrane can also be used as temporary roofing for the provisional protection of a roof. In addition, it is also suitable for use as base layer under metal roof coverings, fibre cement panels or slate and as façade membrane behind ventilated cladding with closed joints.

Technical data

Material Multi-layer roofing membrane from tear-resistant, breathable combination of PP spun-bonded fabrics and PU functional layer. With integrated self-adhesive strips.
Reaction to fire E (EN 13501-1)
Fire index no. 5.2 (VKF)
Tensile strength approx. 370/270 N/5 cm (EN 12311-1)
Watertightness Class W1 (EN 1928)
Sd-value approx. 0,08 m (EN ISO 12572)
Servicetemperature range -40°C bis +80°C
Short-term maximum temperature resistance of material (< 8h / day) to +100°C
UV-related outdoor weathering duration 16 weeks
Temporary roofing function 4 weeks
Resistance against driving rain passed (Driving rain test for lining and underlay sheeting – TU Berlin)
Enhanced ageing resistance requirements passed (ZVDH product data sheet , table 1)
Weight approx. 200 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 15 kg
Dimensions 50 m x 1,50 m
CE conformity EAD 030218-01-0402 / EN 13859-2




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