Opting for the DÖRKEN tinting systems always means a decision for a comprehensive package of service features. We carry out a range analysis of your existing tinting system and advise you on the possible increases in terms of efficiency. This determines which of our different paste systems is ideal for you - whether the aqueous, solvent- based or universal pastes. On the basis of the range and colour space analysis, we develop a concept for the optimisation of your colour recipes according to your wishes by defining all main parameters.

Before the creation of the calibration series, we execute extensive compatibility tests to determine which pigment preparations in the basic qualities used lead to the desired result. In the creation of calibration series, we have a considerable expertise when it comes to dealing with the software solutions by Largo Innova and Dwatacolor.

DÖRKEN currently manages over 450 panel collections. These collections include not only the NCS index and RAL, but also the panels offered by manufacturers that are common across Europe, such as the two manufactures which are part of the company DÖRKEN: the internal wall panel LUCITE ®  Spirit of Colors and the facade panels LUCITE ®  Design A1

We are glad to share our long-lasting experience and in-depth know-how in training courses focussing on the practical application of mixing system software solutions such as Datacolor, Largo Innova, Fast & Fluid, Corob, and others.

What happens in a paint mixing system?

Local mixing systems are the ideal solution in order to be able to make up tinting and pigment pastes on a bespoke just-in-time basis in the volumes wanted by the customer. The formulae worked out in advance in laboratory tests using selected pastes get imported into the mixing system. It is important here that the quality and composition of the base was known in advance and has been taken into account in the formulae. Only in this way can it be ensured that, for instance, the titanium oxide pigments of the base and the pigments in our pastes produce the desired shade through their interaction with each other. Many shades are reproduced by individual drops of different pastes being added, the amounts being precisely controlled by the mixing system. The base and paste then need to be shaken up together. This process ensures that the distribution of the pigment paste within the base is as homogeneous as possible in order to always achieve the desired shade with the tinting system.

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Mixing system technology

Today's paint mixing systems are an indispensable tool for the production of bright paints and varnishes anytime and anywhere. In this context, the tinting pastes play a key role in all colour mixing systems. In combination with the most modern dosing technology, they essentially determine the quality of the mixed product. From an almost unlimited number of products, colour formulations, paste configurations, and mixing system types, individual colour mixing systems can be created according to the user's wishes. The digitalisation of technology is proceeding expeditiously. Thanks to the online connection of a mixing systems, data and statistics, reports and sales figures can be generated in real time.
What DÖRKEN offers you, is your own individual mixing system. A specialist staff will carry out the installation, and you will be offered your own training in handling the system. A regular maintenance carried out once a year is included. Our mixing system software shows you how expensive a tint is. This is feasible thanks to the pre-stored price groups for each colour which can then be classified on this basis. There is an online connection to a complaint service you can use to directly connect to our service. Here you will be directly supported. Furthermore, the improved recipe will be transferred to the system immediately.