Full-surface cold self-adhesive membrane (KSK) for sealing components in contact with the ground against soil moisture and non-pressing water.

The standard-compliant building waterproofing made of a cross-laminated special HDPE carrier film and a sealing and adhesive layer made of bitumen rubber offers the ideal and permanent moisture protection for the building envelope.

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    Vertikale Anwendung von DELTA®-THENE
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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-THENE
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    Vertikale Anwendung von DELTA®-THENE
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    DELTA®-THENE Abdichtung
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-THENE
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    DELTA®-THENE in vertikaler Anwendung
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    DELTA®-THENE Anwendung als Mauerwerkssperre
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    Horizontale Anwendung von DELTA®-THENE
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    DELTA®-THENE in der vertikalen Anwendung


  • Processing up to -5 degrees
    Together with the DELTA®-THENE KÄLTEGRUNDANSTRICH (Cold Basecoat) the use in winter up to -5°C is possible without any problems. Compared to other sealing materials, which can't be used at these temperatures, there are hardly any weather-related downtimes and waiting times.
  • Quick and easy processing
    DELTA®-THENE is quickly laid from the roll in the course of one work step. This means that it can be processed much faster than liquid sealing materials such as for example plastic-modified bitumen thick coatings (PMBC). The grid printing permits an easy cutting as well as a precise laying of the strips. The cutting is carried out quickly and easily by means of a cutter knife.
  • No setting and drying time
    Further work steps like for example the application of a protective/drainage membrane, such as for example DELTA®-TERRAXX, and/or insulation - may be carried out immediately. This eliminates long waiting times, and the work can be carried out more quickly by backfilling the construction pit.
  • It works immediately
    Waterproof and rainproof instantly after sticking on. No surprises when there is an unexpected weather change.
  • No layer thickness test needed
    DELTA®-THENE offers a maximum level of security due to a consistent layer thickness.
  • The material is highly flexible
    Any cracks or material changes in the subsurface can be safely overcome.
  • No open flame
    Welding devices aren't needed for the processing. That means: more work safety.
  • No problems connecting to wall barriers
    As the welding sheet can damage the wall barrier, the connection of a frequently used wall barrier with a welding sheet is not always possible. With DELTA®-THENE, the connection is very easy as the cold self-adhesive membrane adheres very well to almost all common plastics.
  • Conformity with standards
    Complies with the sealing standards DIN 18531 (balconies), 18533 (components in contact with the ground) and 18534 (wall and floor surfaces in wet rooms). All product property requirements to be uses as a seal according to DIN SPEC 20000-202 are met. CE conformity according to EN 13969 (bitumen sheeting for sealing buildings against soil moisture and water) and EN 14967 (bitumen wall barrier membranes).


DELTA®-THENE can be used in the following areas of application:

  •  as vertical seal against soil moisture and non-pressing water for the floor and for walls in contact with the ground (in accordance with DIN 18533).
  •  as horizontal seal for balconies (according to DIN 18531), but also for wall and floor surfaces in wet rooms (according to DIN 18534).
  • as wall barrier (application type MSB-nQ) against capillary water in and under walls or as a base seal against splash water and soil moisture (according to DIN 18533).
  • as vapour barrier in the floor under screeds.
  • as an external vapour barrier on waterproof concrete walls.
  • for sealing the construction joints of filigree/triple waterproof concrete walls.
  • for flat sealing against radon gas.


The surface must be smooth, dry, dust-free, clean, pressure-resistant and load-bearing. Mineral surfaces must be pre-treated with a primer DELTA®-THENE GRUNDANSTRICH, DELTA®-THENE KÄLTEGRUNDANSTRICH or DELTA®-THENE GRUND INSIDE before applying DELTA®-THENE. Before laying the surface, all edges, covings etc. need to be prepared with cuts made of DELTA®-THENE or with the prefabricated DELTA®-THENE-BAND T 300/500 in such a way that all critical areas are made of two layers when the laying is complete. The laying of DELTA®-THENE happens track section to track section. Peel off the release paper in the back at the beginning of the track approx. 20 cm and bend it over sharply. Then align and glue on the web. The overlap between the strips must be 10 cm. All overlaps, connections and ends must be carefully reworked and pressed on with a pressure roller.


Technical data

Material Cold self-adhesive bitumen rubber as a sealing and adhesive layer with a cross-laminated special HDPE carrier film
Thickness approx. 1,5 mm
Weight approx. 1,6 kg/m²
Servicetemperature range from -30 °C to + 80 °C
Working temperature from +5°C to +30°C (air and surface). Up to -5°C with DELTA®-THENE KÄLTEGRUNDANSTRICH (COLD BASECOAT)
Widths 1 m
Roll length 5 m and 20 m
Storage Transport and store upright, store dry and protect from direct sunlight
Disposal EWC Code 1 703 02 Asphalt, tar-free
Packaging recyclable
Watertightness (EN 1928, Procedure B) passed (400 kPa/72 h)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Fire class E
Tensile strength (EN 12311-1) Lengthways: approx. 250 N/50 mm
Crosswise: approx. 250 N/50 mm
Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1) Lengthways: approx. 150 N
Crosswise: approx. 150 N
Flexibility at low temperature (pliability) (EN 1109) -30 °C
Sd-value approx. 150 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202) BA, MSB-nQ
Water exposure class (DIN 18533) W1-E (W1.1.-E, W1.2-E) und W4-E
Room usage class (DIN 18533) RN1-E bis RN3-E
Crack class (DIN 18533) RÜ1-E bis RÜ3-E




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