On-roof insulation DELTA®-MAXX POLAR

Energy-saving on-roof insulation panels with exceptional insulation values for sloping roof structures. The specially developed vapour-permeable underlay track has a particularly non-slip top.

The insulation boards of DELTA®-MAXX POLAR are available in three different versions and offer an energetically future-proof solution for all purposes in new and old buildings.

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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR Verarbeitung
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR in der Anwendung
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    Verarbeitung der DELTA®-MAXX POLAR Dämmplatten
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR in der Anwendung
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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-MAXX POLAR
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR Verarbeitung
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR AL in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR MV in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR SP in der Anwendung


  • High resistance against aging
    The insulation boards by DELTA®-MAXX POLAR offer an extremely high resistance against aging. This permits builders to benefit from low heating costs in the long term - without any additional maintenance and repair costs.
  • Sound insulation
    Thanks to smart roof structures, in addition, the sound insulation levels required by the standard DIN 4109 can be achieved or even exceeded. In this manner, the building owners can achieve sufficient sound insulation against outside noise and sound transmission between separate living areas.
  • Preservation of the interior construction
    With the insulation installed on the roof and between the rafters, the entire interior construction can be retained and builders do not have to forfeit any living space for the insulation.
  • Time-saving and safe installation
    The insulation panels have a particularly robust, slip-resistant surface for time- and cost-saving installation and slip resistance. Furthermore, the integrated self-adhesive facilitate the processing for you.


DELTA®-MAXX POLAR offers the perfect insulation for every application:

  • DELTA®-MAXX POLAR AL for pitched roofs with on-roof insulation
    Roof insulation element equipped with aluminium coating layer on both sides.
  • DELTA®-MAXX POLAR MV for pitched roofs with insulation installed between the rafters
    The insulation element on the roof with mineral fleece coating layer on both sides
  • DELTA®-MAXX POLAR SP for the renovation of pitched roofs with the insulation between the rafters
    The narrow insulation element on the roof with a coating layer made of mineral fleece on both sides.

Thanks to the narrow design, it is perfectly suited for renovation works in the course of which the surfaces of the roof must not be raised significantly.

Installation of DELTA®-MAXX POLAR
DELTA-MAXX POLAR insulation elements are laid in rows parallel to the eaves at least to the outer edge of the wall crown.
The all-round key and slot design of the panels guarantees that they may be laid without any gaps and with little waste without any weak points.

Technical data

Material AL: Polyurethane, with an aluminium coating layer positioned on both sides, with a vapour-permeable underlay track on the top, with self-adhesive overlapping element.
MV/SP: Polyurethane, on both sides with a mineral fleece coating layer, on top with a vapour-permeable underlay track, equipped with a self-adhesive overlapping element.
Thickness AL/MV: 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 mm
SP: 50 mm
Edge processing All around slot and key
Field of Application DAD thermal insulation on pitched roof (standard DIN 4108-10)
Thermal conductivity AL:
-λD in (W/(mK)) 0,022 λ in (W/(mK))
λ in (W/(mK)) 0,023
λD in (W/(mK)) 0,026 (80 mm + 100 mm) 0,025 (ab 120 mm)
λ in (W/(mK)) 0,027 (80 mm + 100 mm) 0,026 (ab 120 mm)
λD in (W/(mK)) 0,027
λ in (W/(mK)) 0,028
Reaction of fire Class E (DIN EN 13501-1)
Size AL/ SP: 2,40 x 1,24 m, key/slot 2 cm each
MV: 2,40 x 1,24 m, key/slot 1 cm each




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