Interior wall paint LUCITE® 406 FLOWCOAT

High-quality wall and ceiling coating for well-lit rooms with marked incidence of light Can also be used as a protective coating on substrates subjected to stress. Very high-quality coatings, insensitive to side illumination*, for smooth substrates (Q3 and Q4 filled surfaces) and non-woven wall coverings in private houses, areas requiring increased cleaning, such as commercial and office blocks, public buildings, schools and sports facilities. (* = if applied wet on wet)

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    LUCITE® 406 FlowCoat


  • easy to clean with wet abrasion class 1 (tested)
  • reduced rubbed streak effect even with intense colours
  • resistant to disinfectant (certified)
  • homogeneous, smooth fine matt surface
  • not sensitive to side illumination
  • Silizium - Carbon - Technologie
  • Silicon-carbon technology
  • contains no solvents or plasticisers

Technical data

Product code BSW20
Consumption 80-100 ml/m²
Packaging Sizes Ready 2,5 L / 5 L / 12 L
Packaging Sizes MIX 2,5 L / 5 L / 12 L



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