Roofing membrane, Roofing membrane for hard sheathing DELTA®-PVG (PLUS)

High-quality air and vapour barrier for use beneath on-roof insulation. Ideal system addition to DELTA®-MAXX POLAR on-roof insulation elements.

Can also be used as three-layer roofing membrane for ventilated roofs.
The membrane can be used in ventilated roof constructions as base layer, for example below slate, fibre cement roofing or shingles.

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    Verarbeitung von DELTA®-PVG PLUS als Schalungsbahn
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    DELTA®-PVG PLUS in der Anwendung als Schalungsbahn
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    DELTA®-MAXX POLAR Verarbeitung
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    Selbstkleberand von DELTA®-PVG PLUS
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    Anwendung von DELTA®-PVG PLUS als Schalungsbahn
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    DELTA®-PVG als Luft- und Dampfsperre


  • Easy to lay
    The surface structure is especially slip and wear-resistant, making DELTA®-PVG (PLUS) very easy to lay and ideal for laying beneath over-rafter insulation.
  • Vapour diffusion inhibiting
    The diffusion inhibiting material combination with the low Sd value of approx. 20 m means DELTA®-PVG (PLUS) makes a key contribution to dry and healthy roof constructions. The membrane is in accordance with DIN EN 13984: 2013 vapour control layers.
  • Universal application
    DELTA®-PVG (PLUS) can be used as both an air and vapour barrier and as roofing membrane. In both applications it can be used as temporary roofing with the DELTA® system accessories.


DELTA®-PVG (PLUS) can be used as an air and vapour barrier beneath over-rafter insulation in particular. The combination of the Sd value of approx. 20 m and the non-slip surface structure makes the membrane especially suitable for laying beneath all kinds of over-rafter insulation.

Technical data

Material Spun fibre fabric combined with watertight intermediate layer. With integrated adhesive zones on both edges. As DELTA®-PVG without adhesive zones.
Vapour barrier DIN EN 13984 : 2013
ZVDH product data sheet Class UDB-A / USB-A
Reaction to fire Fire Class E, EN 13501-1
Tensile strength approx. 380/240 N/5 cm, EN 12311-1+2
Watertightness Watertight W 1, EN 13859-1 + 2
Sd-value approx. 20 m
Servicetemperature range from -40 °C to +80 °C
Weight approx. 150 g/m²
Roll weight approx. 12 kg
Roll size 50 m x 1.50 m




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