Foundation wall protection accessories DELTA®-GEO DRAIN CLIP

Assembly aid for the quick and easy fastening of DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN QUATTRO and DELTA®-TERRAXX

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    DELTA®-GEO DRAIN CLIP in der Anwendung
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  • Save time and money
    Where previously two people were required, the precise installation of DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN QUATTRO or DELTA®-TERRAXX can now be carried out by just one person using the fastening aid.



First define the assembly line in adjustments to the later terrain height. After that, mark the fastening point of the clip approximately 2 cm above the upper edge of the membrane.
The clip is fixed by means of washer head nails, knock-in dowels (5 mm diameter), etc. Detach the fleece a hand's width from the dimpled sheet and then pull DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN Quattro/ DELTA®-TERRAXX behind the clip. The lateral readjustment is very easy to be carried out.
When using the DELTA®-NOPPENBAHNEN-PROFIL you have to ensure that the individual clips are installed exactly in one line. The upper end with the DELTA®-NOPPENBAHNEN-PROFIL is then possible without any further fastening: Simply snap into the DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN Clip, done.
An L-shaped plaster finishing rail is recommended as the lower end for the subsequent plinth plaster.

Technical data

Material Impact-resistant, extremely stable polyamide
Colour brown
Fastening point approximately 2 cm above the upper edge of DELTA®-GEO-DRAIN QUATTRO
Fastening distance Installation depth up to 2.60 m = 60-70 cm. In case of greater installation depths, the fastening distance is to be reduced accordingly.
Functional area 126 mm long, width of 55 mm
Packaging 100 pieces/box


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