Interior wall paint LUCITE® 402 ALL-IN 10

One-coat dispersion varnish indicated for applications on large surfaces with different surface materials. Indicated for mineral surfaces such as concrete, plasters of the mortar groups P II to P V, wall fillers and plasterboard. In addition, the product can be used on glass fibre, smooth non-woven materials, profiled sheets, wood, non-ferrous metals, rigid PVC etc. after the appropriate preparation of the surfaces.

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    LUCITE® 402 All-In 10


  • good adhesion capacity on various surfaces
  • very easy to clean
  • several test certificates are available (for example food hygiene and fire protection, safety of toys etc.)
  • easy and time-saving to apply by brush, roller or airless spray
  • robust material ideal for everyday use with a satin matt surface finish
  • robust everyday quality

Technical data

Product code BSW30
Consumption 120 ml/m²
Packaging Sizes Ready 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L
Packaging Sizes MIX 1,0 L / 5 L / 12 L



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