Roof coating DELTA®-ROOFCOAT

Dirt-repellent special roof coating based on pure acrylate for recoating and renovating roofs and facade cladding. With clean protector.

Do a cost-effective upgrade of the appearance and a renewal of the surface protection and benefit of DELTA®-ROOFCOAT!

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DELTA®-ROOFCOAT adheres to concrete roof tiles, fibre cement, roof, and corrugated sheets, split or slated roofing membranes, facades made from fibre cement sheets and plastics (rigid PVC).

The coating can be processed by rolling, brushing, or even spraying.

Technical data

Material 100% acrylic emulsion paint with Clean protector, can be diluted with water.
Colours red 3990, brick red 3991, classic red 3993, slate grey 7991, dark brown 8991, peat brown 8993, anthracite 9990
Coverage approx. 5-7 m²/l per coat, depending on the absorbency of the substrate
Delivery viscosity slightly thixotropic
Density / specific weight 1.3 kg/l depending on the colour
Drying times approx. 1-2 hours at 20°C and approx. 60% humidity
Storage Cool, frost-free and dry
Packaging 5 L (4 cans per box) or 12-L-bucket


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