Research that redefines benchmarks

Research that
redefines benchmarks

DÖRKENGROUP companies have been developing products and services that set new standards consistently for more than 125 years. Sustaining the success and growth of our divisions depends on an innovation culture that we are consciously fostering and translating into practice at every level.

TOP-100 innovator

Five-time winner of TOP-100 innovator award

Award-winning ideas

When a DÖRKENGROUP company unveils a new development, it can very often be described as a genuine innovation. This is because our products always aspire to offer value-added and – as far as possible – new benefits. Our success in pursuing this goal is reflected in the regular award of the prestigious TOP-100 seal of approval.


For the last ten years, DÖRKENGROUP companies have been represented at every one of the TOP-100 award ceremonies. Small and medium-sized enterprises are singled out every two years for recognition as one of Germany’s premier business innovators. We remain fully committed to maintaining our competitive position among the country’s most innovative companies. 

Research & development

Blue-sky thinking

Our research and development work consistently, seeking to harness the best available technologies. In pursuit of this goal, we have established modern R&D labs that enable highly skilled employees to work on a steady stream of innovations. Their freedom from practical constraints is not left to chance but enshrined in our focused innovation management policy.

Dörken MKS is an impressive project partner. Apart from its structured and time-saving approach, it allows direct access to every member of the value chain, which consistently ensures a good outcome.

Peter Schörner

Peter SchÖrner
Head of surface treatment at Sigmund Scherdel GmbH & Co.

Innovation doesn’t simply happen, but entails both investment and risk. In particular, however, it depends on the interaction of a group of passionate individuals. For this reason, we give our employees all the time, freedom and autonomy they need. It’s an approach that repeatedly spawns new and pioneering ideas that make us and our customers happy.  

A team of 40 in-house development experts

Innovations cannot be originated or allowed to develop without a secure environment. We create the requisite conditions inside our business by maintaining an internal team of developers. Around 40 creative minds within DÖRKENGROUP are permanently engaged in investigating new ideas or refining existing products.

In view of its scale, our organisation is thought to be without equal in the sector, and is frequently singled out for praise and recognition. 

Protec has been a reliable and highly capable partner for many years with its innovative tinting systems for a global network of more than 2,000 Meffert mixing stations at the point of sale.

Klaus Meffert

Klaus Meffert
Meffert AG Farbwerke


Compelling innovations

In order to give buildings the best possible protection, we use only DELTA composite membranes. Given the comprehensive range of well-conceived and easy-to-use products, we don’t need to look anywhere else.

Klaus Petersen

Klaus Petersen
Master roofer


Architectural competition promoting pitched roofs

Architectural competition promoting pitched roofs

In the context of the competition Dachwelten in 2018, we welcomed a group of students from Bochum University of Applied Sciences to our facility in Herdecke.

The competition focuses on the creative process of building pitched roofs, and encourages entrants to engage with the topics of their construction, design and relevance. Projects are overseen by nine higher education institutions working together with partners from industry.

The competition spans several phases, from developing and then ‘pitching’ an idea in the course of a semester through to the closing workshop, where the institutions compete against each other in a play-off final.

Click here for more information about the students’ visit and the competition:

Five-time winner of TOP-100 innovator award

Dörken supports Osnabrück University with expertise

The international design competition Formula Student invites teams of students to build and race electric cars against teams from other higher education institutions. Dörken MKS is contributing both financial and intellectual resources to the race car prototype being constructed by the Ignition Racing Team (IRT) of Osnabrück University. 

Given that the components of a formula car must withstand extreme stresses and have to meet strict quality standards, Dörken’s knowledge of anti-corrosion coatings is in great demand. Very recently, Dörken MKS coatings were being applied, for example, to shock absorber bolts, chassis mounts, rotary levers, wheel bolts and other parts of one of these lightweight vehicles. 

But it’s not only the engineering students who benefit from this collaboration; on several occasions, MKS has also gained valuable insights with the potential to enhance its coating systems. Apart from sharing their findings from detailed investigations conducted after the race series, both parties are also reaping the rewards of networking with each other. Cooperative projects like these not only make good sense, but they’re good fun as well.

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