Construction paints and varnishes Solvend-based CWS WERTLACK® HAMMERSCHLAG-LACK

For interior and exterior use. For glossy coating of substrates made of wood, wood materials, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics after appropriate pre-treatment, priming or pre-painting. Direct adhesion to iron and steel. Other substrates on request.

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    CWS WERTLACK® Hammerschlag-Lack


  • VOC compliant paint
  • Light processing
  • Discreet glossy effect paint similar to a hammered metal surface
  • Brilliant shades for decorative surfaces
  • Alkyd resin base with silicone as effect former
  • High corrosion protection due to active rust protection pigments

Technical data

Consumption 100 - 120 ml/m²
Colour tones 52 Blue / 62 Green / 72 Aluminium / 91 Anthracite
Packaging Sizes Ready 0,75 L / 2,5 L



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