Floor and conveyor vehicles

Handling and conveying vehicles contain countless fasteners and construction parts, which require effective protection against corrosion. In the hygiene-related field the selected surface coating also needs to be resistant to chemicals, due to the continuous cleaning intervals.

Exemplary components


Handling and conveyor vehicles contain numerous springs with various different dimensions, designs and functions. Avoiding hydrogen embrittlement is particularly important for spring steel, which has a high rigidity compared to other steels.


  • High corrosion protection (up to 1,440 h as per DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Defined coefficients of friction


Chromium(VI)-free zinc flake technology offers an alternative to galvanic coatings. This typically consists of a zinc flake base coat and an organic or inorganic topcoat tailored to the application. Very thin coats (from 8 µm) enable cathodic corrosion resistance to be established and premature, rust-related loss of components prevented. No hydrogen is generated in application, with the result that no application-related, hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking occurs. The enduringly high chemical resistance of the high-performance systems means that they are also suitable replacements for the use of stainless steel solutions – in particular for components that are exposed to cleaning agents.