From traffic signs and anchorings to noise protection walls and retaining systems for slopes (geotechnical engineering): steel safety-relevant equipment is used everywhere on roads and motorways. As these components require long-term protection against weathering, DIN EN ISO 12944-2 stipulates high-quality coating with the highest corrosion protection class.

Exemplary components

Fastening elementsBar anchors

To rule out corrosion damage from the beginning, screw connections and fasteners for traffic signs – i.e. screws, nuts and all steel fasteners – are increasingly coated with long-lasting protection.

Bar anchors are used to secure rocks and slopes, as well as for back anchoring. When used in road construction, the coating should offer low work input and easy assembly.



  • Up to CX as per DIN EN ISO 12944
  • Corrosion protection 1,440 h (in SST as per DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Sliding properties
  • UV resistance


One practical solution is zinc flake coating, which achieves a protective effect of up to 1,000 hours against base metal corrosion (red rust) as per DIN EN ISO 9227 at a low coat thickness (8–20 µm). In addition, screw connections or fasteners coated with the zinc flake technology are especially smooth and easy to assemble thanks to the low coat thickness. This is particularly important for systems used in road construction. Moreover, the highly environmentally-friendly and resource-saving system developed by DÖRKEN can also be used in the coating of steel components with large surface areas.