Various fastening systems are employed in both roof-fitted solar units and the supports of large-scale solar installations on open sites. Whether it is supports, clamps or fasteners: all components are exposed to continuous weather influences and mechanical stress from wind loads.

Exemplary components

Mounting railsClamping systemFastening elements

Mounting rails or support profiles form the frame and substructure of solar units. They may be up to 14 m long. Telescopic sections enable precise fitting without the need for cutting.

Adjustable clamps ensure a high level of flexibility in assembly and allow standardised fasteners to be used for different applications.

Bolts, nuts and hooks serve to secure the individual components. In addition to simple assembly, optimal form fit and traction are decisive here.


  • High corrosion protection (1,440 h SST as per DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Possibility for improvement after assembly.
  • Avoidance of contact corrosion
  • Avoidance of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Electrical conductivity


DÖRKEN offers a range of coating solutions for the corrosion protection of components on solar units, such as zinc flake technology. This consists of a zinc-based base coat and an organic or inorganic topcoat and offers effect cathodic corrosion protection. At the same time, the zinc flake systems satisfy all requirements of DIN EN ISO 12944 for coatings in steel construction, making them also an economical alternative to stainless steel. The very low coat thicknesses ensure that the fastening elements have good fastening properties - including against different surfaces..