Whether it is flatbed vehicles, box trucks or tipper trucks: a wide range of components are used in and on truck trailers. With the long-term use on roads and highways, the components are subjected to a range of different stresses, such as stone impact, dirt, frost and continuous cleaning cycles. The long-term ensuring of component functionality and operational readiness of the trailer is therefore essential.

Exemplary components

Screwed fastenersAxle supportChassis

Screwed fasteners are found in truck trailers in various different models and geometries. They are not only required to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stresses, but also maintain defined fastening parameters against various surfaces.

An axle support is a composite of different components. Together, they secure the vehicle to the chassis and therefore play a key role, not only with regard to safety aspects.

The supporting structural components of the trailer such as side beams or cross struts require long-term corrosion protection. In addition to the technical requirements the coating system must also contribute to preserving the functionality of the chassis.



  • Corrosion protection (720 h as per DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Colouring (silver or black)
  • Coefficients of friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • Stone impact resistance


In addition to the standard solutions of hot galvanisation and KTL + powder, special zinc flake systems comprising a base coat and organic or inorganic topcoat are also suitable for the efficient coating of trailer components. Even with comparatively thin coats, these offer cathodic corrosion protection whilst at the same time ensuring a consistent appearance of the trailer. As the zinc flake coating is applied at low annealing temperatures, there is no risk of deformation or loss of rigidity of the components through excessively high temperatures. The recutting or reworking of bores and threads is also not necessary due to the extremely thin and efficient layer structure, which significantly facilitates fastening and assembly.