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Solutions in the field of roof renovation

There is no part of the house being exposed more to wind and weather than the roof. Nevertheless, the owners often underestimate the need for a complete renovation. In this context, a well-thought-out modernisation offers many advantages and the resulting renovation costs can be amortised after a few years. When it comes to the renovation of your pitched roof, we at the company DÖRKEN would like to help you with our competence and with our smart solutions for the pitched roof renovation. In addition to our standard renovation solutions, we also offer you a personalised advice for an individual proposal for your roof structure.

Why to opt for a roof renovation?

If you renovate the roof in an effective way by paying attention to the optimal insulation, you can reduce heating and energy costs. Furthermore, you can receive funding for the energy-efficient renovation. If the roof is then in perfect condition again, the value of the house increases at the same time, since in the meantime the roof has become a crucial indicator for the condition of a property. Consequently, there are many reasons why you should keep the roof of your house in good condition by possibly carrying out its complete renovation!

When should a roof renovation take place?

Fortunately, roof renovations are not to be carried out frequently. However, there are some signs that the old roof should be replaced and/or refurbished. If, for example, the frequency of damage increases, for example due to regularly broken or missing bricks, an appropriate action should be taken in order to prevent damage to the layers positioned underneath. Moisture is often a clear sign that a roof renovation is required.

Of course, a roof renovation can also be useful if there is no direct damage to the roof. For example, many buildings can be refurbished in order to improve their energy efficiency by adding to and/or replacing the thermal insulation to permit a reduction in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to the savings in terms of heating costs, in this manner, the renovation costs can be amortised after a while.

For this reason, a roof renovation is worthwhile if the roofing is out-of-date or if the energetic renovation is meaningful from an economic point of view.

DELTA® system solutions for the roof renovation

For the subsequent thermal insulation, DELTA® offers an extensive range of system solutions either as above-rafter insulation or in combination with above-rafter insulation with between-rafter insulation - always optimally tailored to the builder's individual requirements and needs when it comes to energy-related aspects. The advantages of these system solutions: The renovation work can be carried out from the outside without interfering with the extended living space.

DELTA®-MAXX POLAR in der Anwendung bei einer Dachsanierung

Create your additional living space by extending your roof

More and more people are deciding to no longer just use the space available under the pitched roof as a storage space, but to create an additional living space in there - and for good reason. A roof extension, for example in connection with a pitched roof renovation offers many advantages for the apartment users. In this manner, you not just benefit from the increased living space, but also from the improved efficiency of your home in terms of energy.

The owners who decide to extend an older attic should also renew the insulation at the same time. A modern insulation protects the attic from the cold in winter as well as from overheating in summer. In order to fully benefit from the thermal protection of an energetic modernisation, a professional execution will be required.

By the way: To maintain the roof insulation in an entirely functional condition, a renovation vapour barrier should be installed. This prevents humidity from penetrating the thermal insulation from the interior and damaging it. At the company DÖRKEN you will find a wide selection of air and vapour barriers for every building situation!

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Zusätzlichen Wohnraum schaffen durch einen Dachausbau
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Zusätzlichen Wohnraum schaffen durch einen Dachausbau