Zinc flake: Re­newed ap­proval is­sued for GMW 14083!

A DÖRKEN zinc flake system has once again been approved by General Motors for the GMW 14083 specification. The spring band clamps fitted in the manufacturer’s vehicles will thus continue to have effective long-term protection from corrosion.

Extreme corrosion protection requirements

Metallic spring band clamps are fitted by General Motors (GM) in combination with hose fittings and connectors, for example in the engine compartment.  The flexible, self-tensioning fasteners constantly ensure no leaks despite varying operating temperatures and pressure levels. Due to enormous temperature fluctuations, to the mechanical stresses when the vehicle is in use and to the numerous chemical demands caused by oil, cleaning agents and even fuel, the spring band clamps need effective protection from corrosion. Only in this way can their long-term functional reliability be ensured. With this in mind, the GMW 14083 specification defines the exact demands made of corrosion protection for the spring band clamps fitted in GM vehicles. The surface protection system used has to fulfil numerous requirements: these include top-level corrosion protection, high resistance to cracking, knocks and chemicals, excellent adhesion and the guarantee of an attractive look.

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The TOGO Scherdel spring band clamps fitted in GM vehicles are protected against corrosion by a highly efficient zinc flake system from DÖRKEN.

Zinc flake system impresses thanks to numerous advantages

Following revision of the GMW 14083 specification, DÖRKEN’s zinc flake system made up of DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 120 base coat and DELTA®-SEAL HC BLACK/SILVER top coat has again been approved as a surface protection system for application on spring band clamps

While the base coat ensures outstanding cathodic corrosion protection with a comparatively thin coating, the top coat safeguards the required functional properties such as chemical and mechanical resistance. The evenly applied top coat also makes it possible to achieve the desired silver / light grey or black colouring.