The next generation of roofing membranes

The next generation of roofing membranes – with impressive longevity

“The roofing membrane is the weak spot of the roof.” This feedback from experienced roofers was the challenge that we faced. We therefore embarked on a new DÖRKEN mission. Our goal: to develop roofing membranes with very high longevity and greater resistance under even the hardest conditions. The continuous optimisation of our DELTA® products is in our DNA and is key to our success – as proved the case again this time. We have redefined longevity and made our proven roofing membranes even better – German-made, naturally.

30 year guarantee for lasting security

The primary outcome of our mission: the next generation of roofing membranes with a 30-year warranty (New from 01.01.2023). The findings from our successful journey have been incorporated into our DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS premium products and our new products of the DELTA-XX PLUS® family, on which we give you a 30-year functional warranty - our promise for your safety!

You receive the warranty according to our warranty statement. The statement you can find here. 

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  • The new DELTA-XX PLUS® family

  • The optimised DELTA®-MAXX PLUS and DELTA®-FOXX PLUS

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