Construction paints and varnishes Waterbased LUCITE® 154 ISOLACK SATIN

Isolating primer and finishing varnish indicated for various surfaces like wood fibreboard, MDF and OSB panels, sanded old coats, dimensionally stable wood panelling and roof eaves. With excellent isolating and blocking effect of water-soluble substances contained in wood like for example oak, mahogany, meranti, pine etc. (see BFS leaflet number 18). Suitable for wooden construction elements exposed to indirect mechanical stress like for example ceilings, walls or railings/parapets. In addition, the product offers good isolating properties on wooden surfaces contaminated with soot or nicotine. LUCITE® 154 IsoLack Satin is perfect for applications both in interiors and exteriors.

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    LUCITE® 154 IsoLack Satin


  • perfect blocking and isolating properties
  • one-pot varnish system with high isolating property against substances contained in the wood – only one product is sufficient on site
  • high covering capacity and stability, also safe on edges
  • excellent adhesion property
  • good surface resistance
  • Tested according to DIN EN 71: 2014-3
  • Stress-free
  • Odorless
  • Good stability and hiding power, reliable edge coverage

Technical data

Consumption 130 - 150 ml/m²
Colour tones white
Packaging Sizes Ready 1,0 L / 2,5 L / 12 L



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