Zinc flake spray: Make fast and reliable repairs with DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR

Only comprehensive corrosion protection can ensure the longevity and long-lasting function of metallic components. In the automotive, construction and wind energy sectors in particular, this is provided by zinc flake coating, with very thin coats enabling maximum protection against corrosion. However, if damage occurs during transport or assembly, depending on the coating the entire long-term protection may be at risk. Help can be provided here in the form of the high-performance zinc flake spray DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR: cathodic corrosion protection at your fingertips!

Place your trust in the reliable coating solutions of the experts: with the DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR zinc flake spray you can coat bare metal with highly-effective corrosion protection in an instant!

What is it makes the DÖRKEN zinc flake spray DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR so special?

A damaged coating often means the complete recoating of the component, including furnace drying – a time-consuming and expensive procedure for the entire production process. As a consequence of the production process there are also components that are compiled without any coating at all and only equipped with corrosion protection on their completion. In many cases these component groups cannot be exposed to high annealing temperatures.

For both areas of application – improving faulty areas and the coating of small surfaces – DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR spray represents an elegant and quick solution.

DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR zinc flake spray - an overview:

  • ideal for coating bare meta
  • hardens at room temperature (at 15–35 °C)
  • high cathodic corrosion protection
  • typical dry coat thickness between 10–30 μm
  • 720 h without base metal corrosion after salt spray testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS
  • ptimal coatability with DÖRKEN products

In contrast to other zinc sprays or zinc flake sprays, DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR contains only zinc flake pigments. This means: 

  • no heavy metals apart from zinc
  • no isocyanate, acrylate or epoxy resin
  • free from microplastics

Problem-free application for the best results: Repair damage fast with DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR zinc flake spray

DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR zinc flake spray is both fast and simple to use. This enables the targeted repair of components.


  • Please carry out the treatment outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms and wear protective clothing including breathing and eye protection for your own safety.
  • Where necessary, remove all dirt, dust, oil and grease as well as rust and silicon from the component.
  • Position the component in a way that enables good access to the area that is to be coated with the zinc flake spray.
  • Shake the DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR Delta-Protekt® Repair zinc flake spray vigorously for at least 3 minutes.


  • Carry out a brief test spray on a piece of paper or similar before applying. 
  • When coating, maintain a distance of around 15–25 cm to the component.
  • Take care to coat the component evenly and avoid excess coating.
  • Coat individual sections selectively.
  • In the case of larger surfaces, apply the zinc flake spray crosswise.


  • After application, leave the DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR to harden for approximately 60 minutes at room temperature.
  • Alternatively, forced drying at 80°C for at least 10 minutes is also possible

Zinc flake spray & more: DÖRKEN is your capable partner for reliable coating solutions

Whether it is large bolts, other large components such as cross members in the automotive field or anchor bolts in wind energy construction – zinc flake coating is in great demand as a wafer-thin and reliable protection against corrosion.

With DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR zinc flake spray you have effective corrosion protection at your fingertips – in accustomed, outstanding quality from the European market leader for micro-layer corrosion protection systems!

Good to know:

How does zinc flake spray work?

In a zinc flake spray there is an aluminum-zinc mixture. When sprayed evenly onto a metallic surface, this mixture forms a protective film that protects the material from corrosive environmental influences. This is a so-called cathodic corrosion protection, in which the zinc component, which is less noble than the metal, decomposes itself over time. This electrochemical reaction protects the coated metal from rust damage.

In which areas can I use zinc flake spray?
As a rule, zinc flake sprays are used when individual components need to be coated manually or defective coatings need to be repaired with little effort. Zinc flake sprays can be used in practically all industries. Whether in simple manufacturing processes, in automotive production or in the construction of wind turbines - the spray is versatile and enables you to apply it over small areas without the need for a complete recoating.

What should I pay attention to when using zinc flake spray?
If you use a zinc flake spray, you should consider the following points in doing so:

  • Preparation: Clean object thoroughly / Wear protective clothing / Use only in well-ventilated areas / Shake well before use
  • Application: coat object opaquely / avoid overcoating / keep a safe distance
  • Drying: at room temperature 60 minutes / forced drying at 80°C for 10 minutes

Upon request, we will also be happy to advise you on how you can ideally use our zinc flake spray for coating

What are the properties of zinc flake spray from DÖRKEN?
Our zinc flake spray DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR has the following properties:

  • Particularly suitable for bare metals
  • Cure at room temperature (15-35°C)
  • Layer thickness approx. 10-30 μm
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS (salt spray test)
  • Cathode corrosion protection at a high level
  • Free from additives (heavy metals, resins, etc.)

In addition, our zinc flake spray is ideally matched to the rest of our product range and can be completely painted over.

What distinguishes zinc flake spray from DÖRKEN from other zinc sprays?
The special strength of our zinc flake spray is its purity. The spray contains pure zinc flakes and comes entirely without additives. Due to a high proportion of high-quality zinc flakes, our spray is particularly easy to use, provides excellent coverage and is absolutely reliable in use. We do not add any other heavy metals to our sprays. Active ingredients such as isocyanates, acrylates or epoxy resin are also left out of the production process. In addition, we also consistently avoid microplastics.