DÖRKEN Universal

DÖRKEN Universal is the best solution for universal applications. The paste system impresses thanks to its wide range of uses with maximum flexibility within the tinting concept. In addition to colour-strong organic pigments, DÖrken Universal uses a large number of inorganic pigments offering you the ideal choice and composition options for every purpose. The paste series provides you with an extensive range of tones on every mixing system, for example with silicone and silicate systems, glazes and varnishes. In this way, you can already achieve optimal results on a 16-piece mixing system expandable to larger systems.

Special features

  • Elevated opacity even with the addition of 7% paste in transparent alkalis
  • For factory tinting and POS for holistic use inside the company
  • ISO 9000.1, ISO 14-001, EMAS 3, EU ECO label
  • Plasters, poly-urethane, silicate, polyvinyl acetate, silicone, facade paints, Special applications
  • iIdeal combination for extensive purposes of use made of colour-strong organic and selected inorganic pigments
  • Compatible in various systems of solvent-based & aqueous systems and silicate & silicone systems
  • High fastness to light and weathering according to the BFS data sheet 26