Wood protection LUCITE® 502 XTRA PROTECT 2IN1 AQUA

Water-based tintable impregnating primer and thin-layer transparent impregnation at the same time: 2in1 product. For the preventive protection against blue-stain (according to EN 152) and mould (according to EN 15457) of dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood which is not statically stressed and does not have direct ground contact. Approved biocidal product according EU regulation 528/2012. Suitable for doors, balkony railings, pergolas, windows and doors.

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    LUCITE® 502 Xtra Protect 2in1 Aqua


  • water-based impregnation and impregnating transparent varnish protecting against blue stain and mould
  • tintable in “real wood” colours
  • penetrates the wood deeply
  • low film-building and levelling
  • can be painted over with water-based varnishes and transparent varnishes
  • Ideal for boarding, fences, shingles or pergolas, as well as for windows and exterior doors.
  • Mild odor and odorless after drying
  • Easy to process
  • Quick drying

Technical data

Product code HSM-LV10
Consumption 120 - 150 ml/m²
Colour tones Transparent / 1105 White / 2335 Pine / Pine / 6570 Light oak / 8170 Walnut / 8270 Walnut / 8320 teak / 8450 rosewood / 9995 Ebony
Packaging Sizes Ready 1,0 L / 2,5 L



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