Foundation wall protection accessories DELTA®-TERRAXX PROFIL

Edge trim profile with embossed folds used as a top cover for dimpled sheets and perimeter insulation up to 100 mm.
Perfectly suitable in combination with all DELTA®-drainage membranes. Suitable for insulation thicknesses between 60 and 100 mm.

Additional folding hinge for DELTA®-MS 20.

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    DELTA®-TERRAXX PROFIL in der Anwendung


  • Universally applicable and suitable for different insulation thickness levels


Bend the profile upwards in the area of the product label. So, you will prepare the connection for the wall area.

After that, bend the DELTA®-TERRAXX PROFIL down on one of the outer folding hinges according to the thickness you have to cover. (Tip: For a clean kink, the best way is to position the profile on a sharp-edged plank or similar and then to use the edge as a kink aid.) Fasten the Z-shaped profile produced in this manner to the wall of the basement above the insulation/sealing.

As a transition to the plinth plaster, the use of a plaster end rail is recommended.

Technical data

Material Hard PVC
Colour Light gray (similar to RAL 2038)
Length 2 m
Packaging 20 pieces/bundle


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