Adhesive program DELTA®-TILAXX ULTRA

Universally applicable, high-performance, permanently elastic sealing and bonding adhesive for all DELTA® membranes in exterior and interior applications from cellar to roof.

The cartridge adhesive is highly ageing-, weather- and water-resistant as well as solvent-free and can be used at temperatures from 0°C onwards.

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  • Universal applicability
    DELTA®-TILAXX ULTRA can be used for overlap bonding of all DELTA®-underlays, -air and vapour barriers, -façade membranes and -damp-proof courses and for their connections to all standard building substrates.
  • Optimised consistency
    The stability of the applied adhesive bead facilitates the application on vertical surfaces.
  • Processor-friendly
    The viscosity of the adhesive has been adjusted so that it can be pumped out of the cartridge very easily, but at the same time unwanted discharge (run-on) during short interruptions is avoided.
  • Perfect system accessories for DELTA®-ALPINA
    DELTA®-TILAXX ULTRA enables functionally reliable connections of DELTA®-ALPINA on eaves and flashing plates and on rising building components.


For bonding overlaps of all DELTA® membranes and their connections to masonry, concrete, wood, wood materials, aluminium, steel, rigid PVC and bitumen. Particularly suitable for secure connections of DELTA®-ALPINA on eaves sheets and on rising building components as well as for all bonding of DELTA®-FOXX PLUS and DELTA®-FASSADE membranes.

Technical data

Material Hybrid adhesives based on MS polymers (modified silanes)
Skin formation time approx. 25 min. at +23 °C
Functional temperature range -40°C to +80°C
Conditions bevor use +5 °C to +30 °C
Working climate From 0°C ambient and substrate temperature (frost-free)
Consumption approx. 6 to 7 m per cartridge
Delivery form 290 ml cartridge



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