Adhesive program DELTA®-TIXX

Permanently reliable adhesive from the cartridge or the tubular bag. Ideal for the airtight connection of DELTA® air and vapour barriers, for example on masonry, wood, or other rough surfaces.

The material is tested in accordance with the standard DIN 4108-11!

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    DELTA®-TIXX Kartuschenkleber in der Anwendung
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    DELTA®-TIXX in der Anwendung mit DELTA®-REFLEX
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    DELTA®-TIXX in der Innenanwendung


  • Tested in accordance with the standard DIN 4108-11
    The tests according to the standard DIN 4108-11 are carried out in order to determine whether a testable adhesive tape or adhesive mass meets the DIN minimum requirements for the permanently airtight bonds in the area of the connections and overlapping components. The product DELTA®-TIXX has not just passed the requirements but exceeded them to a large extent. The bond strength even improves with age. This gives you an official and objective confirmation of our product quality.
  • Resistance to freezing
    The resistance to freezing offered by DELTA®-TIXX offers you the safety of being able to work with the material even at low temperatures.
  • Low-polluting
    DELTA®-TIXX has been tested for possible pollutant emissions in the interior and achieves the best classification with the rating A+.


The product DELTA®-TIXX can be used for the airtight connection of vapour brakes/barriers made of PE, PA films and cardboard as well as for their airtight connection to absorbent surfaces such as for example surfaces made of plaster, concrete, wood, etc.

In addition, the product can be used in accordance with the standard DIN 4108-7 without a pressure strip and/or a mechanical fixation.

The following video shows the example of an application:

Technical data

Functional temperature range (temperature-controlled storage recommended) From 0°C to +40°C ambient and component temperature
Rate of exhaustion Approx. 7 running metres per cartridge, approx. 13/14 running metres per tubular bag
Filling weight 310 ml (cartridge), 600 ml (tubular bag)
Functional temperature range From -40 °C to +80 °C


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