Chimney and wall connections

Connections of the roofing to rising components must be permanently rainproof. The tight connection of the roof coverage to rising components such as chimneys and walls can be easily achieved with the DELTA® chimney and wall connections. One example is the flexible and self-adhesive DELTA®-TOP FLEXX. Its high expansion reserves in the longitudinal and transverse directions permit an extremely easy processing of the material. Demanding sealing work - such as for example complex corner formations - can be carried out quickly and safely.

By means of the tried and tested DELTA® products for connection to rising components, any kind of connection will be a success.

Permanently secure connection

Permanently tight connections to walls, chimneys and other rising components increase the safety and longevity of the roof structure. The DELTA® chimney and wall connections offer this security with many additional advantages: All connection tapes are above average UV-resistant, water-resistant and, thanks to the butyl adhesive coating on the entire surface, they ensure a fast and lasting adhesive strength. The self-adhesive rear side and the extreme malleability of the tapes permit an uncomplicated and quick processing. In addition, the very flexible aluminium surface enables the precise contour adaptation to the course of the roof or the subsurface. This also applies to complex corner designs. This means that every work step is quick, comfortable, and safe.