Damp-proof course DELTA®-PROTEKT

Bitumen-resistant wall barrier made of EVA that is fleece-laminated on both sides. Usable as a horizontal cross-section seal in single-shell, as an L or Z barrier in double-shell masonry (application type MSB-Q) or as in timber frame construction.

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    DELTA®-PROTEKT in der Anwendung als Mauerwerkssperre
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    DELTA®-PROTEKT in der Anwendung als Mauerwerkssperre
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    DELTA®-PROTEKT in der Anwendung als Mauerwerkssperre


  • Compliance with standards
    DELTA®-PROTEKT is compliant with the requirements of the DIN 18533 waterproofing standard for wall barriers in water exposure class W4-E.
  • Slip-resistant
    The double-sided fleece surface provides a very good “clawing” of the masonry mortar. DELTA®-PROTEKT is therefore part of the application type MSB-Q.
  • Low weight
    Even with the same thickness, DELTA®-PROTEKT is only half as heavy as PVC wall barrier membranes. This makes the processing easier.
  • Robust
    The multi-layer composite material provides excellent tear resistance and high perforation security. Lasts - even on rough construction sites!
  • Versatile
    DELTA®-PROTEKT is made to be used as a cross-section seal, as an L and Z barrier in double-shell masonry as well as in timber frame construction.
  • Bitumen resistance
    The bitumen resistance enables a connection to all common sealing systems.


In single-shell masonry, DELTA®-PROTEKT is inserted into the bed joints as a horizontal seal against ascending humidity. DELTA®-PROTEKT is installed in mortar on both sides between the floor and the first layer of stone.

In double-shell masonry, DELTA®-PROTEKT is used as an L or Z barrier on the masonry base and in the area of window parapets and lintels.

DELTA®-PROTEKT, in the case of timber frame construction, is good as a cross-section seal under the sill timber and as an L-barrier in double-shell constructions.

Technical data

Material Ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymer (EVA). Laminated on both sides with a PP spunbonded fabric.
Colour grey
Surface coarse
Thickness approx. 1,2 mm
Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1) lengthways: approx. 350 N, crosswise: approx. 350 N
Resistance to folding at low temperatures (EN 495-5) -20 °C no break, no cracks
Watertightness (EN 1928, Procedure B) passed (400 kPa/72 h)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Fire class E
Resistance bitumen resistant
Widths 17,5 / 24 / 25 / 30 / 36,5 / 50 / 60 / 75 / 100 cm
Widths 25 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202) MSB-Q
Water exposure class (DIN 18533) W4-E
Room usage class (DIN 18533) RN1-E to RN3-E
Crack class (DIN 18533) R1-E to R4-E




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