Office building in Hamm with DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS

Facade with a sense of depth

In the course of the planning of the new construction of an engineering office for technical building equipment, you should not just create modern inner workplaces in an optimal environment, but the company's external appearance should additionally express the flexibility and innovative spirit of your enterprise. The planning result complies with the following requirements: the two-storey office building, built on a Y-shaped floor plan, is pleasantly set apart from the simple commercial building predominating the area thanks to its idiosyncratic shape.

Location Hamm
Country Germany
Owner TGA-Ingenieurbüro
Installer Fassade builder: Voss GmbH Dachdeckermeister, 59069 Hamm/Rhynern / Fassade cladding: Montana Bausysteme AG MF-Design 35-5
Year 2018

The facade design should comply with the said central planning principle. This is the reason why the client opted for the MF-Design 35-5 profile made by the Germany company Montana Bausysteme AG, an evenly perforated aluminium profile equipped with a sawtooth-shaped cross-section which can be supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres with an element width of 440 mm. The colour-coated perforated sheet should also have a coloured background, for which the roofing company Voss GmbH recommended the DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS facade membrane we have just launched. This highly vapour-permeable, waterproof membrane, corresponding to the fire class B, is specially designed for this application area and is available in rolls of 30 m x 1.5 m. After having carried out a preliminary sampling with different colour variants, the choice fell on a bright coral red, which impressively enhances the three-dimensional effect of the facade. 

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smallRetina 10:57:25 mediumAlias 10:57:25 large 10:57:25 xlarge 10:57:25
DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS hinter einer Lochblech-Fassade

Care in detail

The self-adhesive zones integrated on both edges of the membrane ensure that the DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS facade membranes are wind-tightly bonded to one another; for the bonding of vertical membrane joints, the membrane manufacturer supplies a highly transparent, permanently UV-resistant film carrier tape. In the area of window and door connections, the membrane was led to the element frame and glued there in a windproof manner. Depending on the feature of the connection surfaces, adhesive tapes or permanently elastic cartridge adhesive may be used for this purpose. More complex connections - such as for example in window corners - and penetrations for installations were additionally sealed with the paste-like functional coating DELTA®-LIQUIXX and then colour-matched with the universal dispersion paint DELTA®-FAS PAINT In all connection work, the potential optical influencing factor had to be considered, i.e. only the use of transparent or paintable components were allowed in all areas which were visible through the facade cladding.

The result of this care was clearly shown after the subsequent assembly of the facade elements and the scaffolding dismantling. Depending on the point of view and the lighting conditions, the facade impresses with its spectacular variety of optical effects. During the passage from diffuse light to direct sunlight, the appearance changes as well as when the observer's perspective changes. In any case, the client and the facade builder are extremely satisfied with the result and are sure that they have made the right choice when it comes to materials.