Patio Ząbki

Patio Ząbki, Warsaw, PL

Thanks to its great connection to the centre of Warsaw, surrounded by spacious green areas, Patio Ząbki offers young families plenty of space for their development. In addition, the multi-family houses with large balconies and open ground floor apartments offer special views of the green, cobblestone inner courtyard. The product DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP was used under the intensive greening of this underground car park ceiling.

Name Patio Ząbki
Location Powstańców, 05-093 Ząbki
Country Poland
Project size approx. 1.300 m2
Owner Jankowski Pulchny Sp. z o. o.
Architect Atelier Mirosław Polak/Marek Skwara – Architekci
Installer EKO-MIX Sp. z o.o., Warszawa
Year 2010