Skypark in Bratislava

The solutions by DÖRKEN for the prominent elements of the SKY PARK project

The SKY PARK project in Bratislava is an example of a new quality of urban architecture and a fundamental change in direction in the field of building in the public space. The design implemented by the internationally recognised planning office Zaha Hadid Architects stands for individually designed architecture and extensive greening of the buildings. The solutions by DÖRKEN were used on the most striking elements of the whole project - on the facades as well as in the green areas.

Location Bratislava
County Slovakia
Owner Penta Real Estate
Architect Zaha Hadid Architects
Installer KONTI, a. s., 821 05 Bratislava/Slowakei; ALUSTEEL, spol. s r.o., 965 63 Žiar nad Hronom/Slowakei
Year 2020

According to the project developer, the green areas in the context of the organic architecture by Zaha Hadid Architects represent the main contribution to the project, which contributed to the change and re-shaping of the face of the city of Bratislava. “The organic architecture leaves room for a subtle, integrative work on the whole complex. One of the main advantages of the project is that it blends harmoniously into its surroundings so to offer beautiful moments from both the micro and macro perspective” Dušan Ševela, Head of Design Development at Penta Real Estate, commented.

The project, which for what concerns its size is like the historic centre, impresses with its connection with its wider surroundings. “The SKY PARK is not just green. It belongs to a system of accessible oases inside the city. This is the reason why it became an integral part of it, "Dušan Ševela adds. 

The newly built quarter opens up and develops large, previously inaccessible areas by consequently enlarging the “city centre” of Bratislava. The SKY PARK consists of three residential high-rise buildings with 31 floors, modern urban recreation areas and two office buildings. In addition, the project includes the recently renovated Jurkovič heating system (the so-called Jurkovičova Tepláreň). In the future, one of Bratislava’s last reminiscences of a golden industrial age will be used as a coworking area.

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DELTA®-FASSADE 50 in der Anwendung
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SKY PARK Bratislava

An exceptional design calls for a perfect finish

The architects were able to create a spacious public space by placing as many utility functions as possible underground. "All parking areas, the technical spaces, the waste disposal and even the entrances to the garages are underground. And every above-ground building being suitable for this purpose has a green roof," Ševela continues. 

However, an extraordinary design also requires the perfect execution. About this aspect, Dušan Ševela points out: "To achieve the best results, you also need the best partners on your side." One of them is undoubtedly the company DÖRKEN, whose high-quality system solutions were used in the two visually dominant elements of this project: for the green areas, on one hand, and for the facade, on the other hand.

Safe long-term protection for a demanding facade

The unusual design of the facade is the defining element of the project. When it comes to the design, the developers attached great importance to sustainability. “Sustainability is one of the most important concepts in architecture. This is why we always strive to work with solutions allowing architecture to age in beauty. This requires honest materials having excellent characteristics in connection with well-engineered detailed solutions," Dušan Ševela confirms. The facade is a combination of a ventilated aluminium facade with an exoskeleton made of a special glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFB). The complexity of the elements required a reliable protection of the timeless, open facade construction against water.

In the course of the detailed development, the developers again contacted the company DÖRKEN. And DÖRKEN was able to highlight the advantages of the product DELTA®-FASSADE 50 (formerly DELTA®-FASSADE S) to be used for this purpose. In combination with the special adhesive tape DELTA®-TAPE FAS , the insulation protection sheet was able to meet all requirements you may need: flame retardancy, UV resistance in the area of open joints and wind-proofness.

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DELTA®-FASSADE 50 in der Anwendung
smallRetina 03:07:32 mediumAlias 03:07:32 large 03:07:32 xlarge 03:07:32
DELTA®-FASSADE 50 in der Anwendung

Andrej Považan of the company ALUSTEEL, spol. s.r.o., which implemented the facade, rates the work with the facade cladding under difficult conditions: "The work with the sheets and adhesive tape was a very efficient one. In this context, I would also like to point out the close cooperation with the company DÖRKEN. The main advantage over the entire execution period was the quick feedback."


In the following video, you will discover more exciting information about the project