DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS at a school in Vienna

Facade with a view

Central locations for schools and other educational institutions are a rare commodity in the densely built-up and rapidly growing city centres. Sometimes, however, there is the chance to re-densify existing plots. One example of this method is the extension on the site of the Längenfeldgasse vocational school in the 12th district in Vienna. A new all-day elementary school attended by 425 children, a vocational school for the hospitality industry and another for trade and administration, in which a total of 620 trainees can be taught, were created. There is also a creative and sports area for the all-day elementary school, a practice enterprise, and a bistro for the vocational schools as well as other shared educational rooms and open and roof areas including playing, learning and relaxation areas.

Name Vocational School Längenfeldgasse
Location 12. Wiener Bezirk
Country Austria
Architect PPAG architects ztgmbH, Wien
Products approx. 4.700 sqm DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS in special color light blue (NCS 0540-B10G) with system accessories

The architectural concept was developed by the company PPAG architects ztgmbH, Vienna, whose design received first prize in the EU-wide competition of the city of Vienna. The ensemble consists of a two-storey base building housing the entrance and various functional areas on the ground floor. The four clusters of the elementary school are located on the first floor. A four-storey, strongly structured building block is built on part of this base building connecting to the existing vocational school and providing the training rooms for the two new vocational schools. Playing areas, terraces to relax and even a vegetable and herb garden for the trainees of the vocational school for the hospitality industry were created on the residual free roof areas.

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Anwendung von DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR an einer Schule in Wien

Safe long-term protection

However, the blue facade membrane is not only convincing thanks to its aesthetic potential, but above all because of its technical properties as a water, driving rain and windproof protective layer for the construction behind it. The material consists of a highly tear-resistant polyester fleece with a waterproof special coating quickly draining away rainwater in a kind of lotus effect. The particularly homogeneous fleece structure with high fibre density ensures high strength and significantly higher level of UV protection. With an SD value of approximately 0.02 m, the membrane protects the insulation layer against moisture from the outside, by at the same time guaranteeing an ideal vapour permeability for room moisture penetrating the construction from the inside.