DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR in rot an einem Bürogebäude in Hamm

Design diversity for façade cladding with open joints

Ventilated, suspended façades offer planners a range of different constructive and creative options. However, irrespective of design, all require reliable protection of the construction located behind them.

DELTA® façade membranes protects the insulation on the façade from weathering and safely dissipates penetrating moisture. Thanks to innovative technology they are highly resistant to ageing, open to diffusion and reduce energy loss. They ensure that rain or driving snow do not soak the insulation. In addition, they also simplify the design of wind-proof constructions and offer protection against insect infestation for timber substructures.

The DELTA®-FASSADE 20 PLUS (former DELTA®-FASSADE PLUS) was developed especially for façade cladding systems with open joints, with the further benefit of increased UV resistance in keeping with the intended purpose. Beyond this, DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS (former DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR), the highlight of this product range, enables the addition of fascinating colour accents that lend a whole new depth to the façade design.

Case study of a metal façade cladding with open joints – challenge and DELTA®-solution

For the construction of an engineering office for technical building components the design featured a façade cladding with serrated, evenly perforated aluminium sheets. To further emphasise the three dimensionality of the vertically arranged elements, the plan was to protect the insulation behind with a façade membrane in brilliant red. A task that was convincingly resolved with DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS.

DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR onder open metalen gevel

The highly breathable, water resistant sheeting meets the requirements of fire class 3 and has been specifically designed for this area of use. It is supplied in rolls of 30 m x 1.5 m. The stable shape and board-like quality of the approximately 300 g/m² membrane enables level installation. The integrated self-adhesive zones at the two edges of the sheets ensure wind-proof adhesion of the façade sheeting. As a further accessory to the system, a highly transparent adhesive tape with long-lasting UV resistance is available for cross joints.

In the area of window and door openings the sheet was positioned abutting the frames of these before being glued in a wind-proof manner. Depending on the properties of the butting edges, adhesive tape or elastic cartridge adhesive could be used here. More complicated areas - such as the corners of windows - and perforations for installations were also sealed with the paste-based functional coating DELTA®-LIQUIXX in addition to the adhesive. The universal dispersion paint DELTA®-FAS PAINT can be used to harmonise the colour of all coatable fastening elements.

Depending on the position of the observer and the lighting conditions, the façade is distinguished by its impressive optical diversity. The shift from diffused light to direct sunshine transforms the appearance, as does the shifting of position by the observer.

Standards and regulations

  • EN 13859-2, Flexible sheets for waterproofing – Definitions and characteristics of underlays – Part 2: Underlays for walls (includes requirements and test methods for membranes that are also used behind claddings with open joints)
  • Fire protection requirements from state building codes
  • Instructions for installation e.g. fire barriers from the trade association (FVHF guideline)
  • DTU 31.2 (French timber framework construction standard)
  • DTU 41.2 (French standard for ventilated timber cladding), specific approvals (Avis-Technique)
  • DIN 68800-2, Wood preservation - Part 2: Preventive constructional measures in buildings (includes specifications e.g. for the execution of ventilated exterior wall cladding with open joints)

The advantages of the DELTA®-solution at a glance

  • German-made façade sheeting
  • Highly UV and ageing resistant acrylate coating on PET non-woven material
  • Highly flame resistant in accordance with fire class B-s1, d0
  • Water repellent for reliable drainage
  • Range of matching system accessories
  • Seven standard colours plus others on request
  • Over 20 years of product experience
  • Service temperature range of -40°C to +80°C
    Short-term maximum temperature resistance up to 150°C

Detail drawings

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