DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP on the construction site

Green flat roofs

Whether a green roof is planted extensively with moss and sedum varieties, semi-extensively with grasses and small plants or intensively with shrubs, bushes and even trees: in all of the cases a high-performance drainage system is required to avoid waterlogging from harming the plants. Extensively greened roofs also require an additional water storage to deal with extended dry periods. Special dimpled sheeting such as the DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP offer these functions as a package solution.

Extensive roof greening on inverted roof - challenge and DELTA®-solution

With inverted roofs the layers above the insulation need to be breathable. If roof greening is intended, DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP provides the function of a protective, filtering and draining layer with an sd value of 0.4 m. The specially-developed shape of its 20 millimetre-high dimples lends the sheeting its characteristic dual function: they offer a drainage capacity of approximately 1,2 l/s.m at 2% slope, but can also store up to seven litres of water per square metre. Excess water is drawn downwards via a perforation in the sheet, from where it is channelled off in the network of channels formed by the dimpled structure.

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Once the sheeting has been laid, a continuous, homogeneous surface is created that immediately has a load bearing capacity. At the same time, all pressure-resistant seals are safe from mechanical damage and harmful thermal impact. A drainage and filter geotextile is already bonded to the sheeting, with the consequence that no separate filter layer is required. This saves a work stage and also prevents the slipping and migration associated with loosely-laid fleece coating, as well as problems with laying during windy weather. The plant substrate can be applied immediately without interim steps.

The octagonal shape of the dimples with additional reinforcing ribbing means that the material has a compression strength of 200 kN/m² with short-term loads and 50kN/m² with long-term loads. This enables substrate layers of up to 2.50 m in thickness.

Standards and regulations

  • FLL directive (defines requirements of filter fleece)

The advantages of the DELTA®-solution at a glance

  • Swiftly laid thanks to economical roll dimensions of 2.0 m x 10.0 m. This enables laying times of one to two minutes per square metre.
  • The backing of the filter layer saves one work stage.
  • High pressure resistance thanks to octagonal dimple structure. This enables substrate thicknesses of up to 2.50 m to be applied.
  • Proven filter geotextile properties, backed up by over 25 years of product experience. No clogging thanks to optimal aperture width of approx. 150 µm. High long-term adhesion of material.
  • Integrated water storage function of 7 l/m², enabling the bridging of dry periods.
  • Breathable, with an sd-value of 0.4 m thanks to perforation of the sheeting. Therefore, ideally suited for inverted roofs.

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