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Optimum protection for your green roof oasis!

Partly or fully greened with plants covering the ground, the flat roof areas can bring about a noticeable improvement when it comes to the microclimate in residential areas. This results in compensation areas for soil sealing in urban areas, high-performance retention zones for heavy rain events and green oases which are able to bind large amounts of fine dust. At the company DÖRKEN, you will find adequate options for the design of your green roof. There are basically two types of green roof: the extensive and the intensive greening:

The DELTA®-green roof solutions

The all-rounder - also for the green roof

DELTA®-TERRAXX takes on the function of an efficient protective, filter and seepage layer for intensive greening with extensive substrate thicknesses. This feature ensures that no backwater which may be harmful to plants can form.

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DELTA®-TERRAXX in der Anwendung unter Intensivbegrünung

Drainage membrane with water storage

With DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP, the extensive flat roof greening, which is feasible without major maintenance, can be optimally implemented. The membrane can store up to seven litres water per square metre in its 20-millimetre-high knobs. This quantity of water is then available to the plants as a reserve during dry periods. The excess rainwater seeps through the perforations under the membrane to then run off between the knobs.

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DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP Anwendung unter Intensivbegrünung