Our shared values

“DÖRKEN protects value” - our motto for over 125 years. On the one hand, this claim applies specifically to the physical membranes and chemical coating solutions that protect and retain the value of building structures and assets. On the other hand, in the figurative sense: because as a family-run company with over 1,000 employees we bear responsibility for people, the company as a whole and for the environment. This is borne out by our quality and safety measures at all levels. Every day.


Our success is based on relationships and trust. We leave mutual space for responsible action and can depend on one another at all times. Our employees can and should take responsibility for projects as swiftly as possible.

DÖRKEN promotes and requires independent working, whilst providing employees with the necessary assistance at all times.


Our success as a traditional medium-sized family business is based on the cooperation and commitment of our employees.
We want to be a role model for others: Therefore, we actively live the legal and ethical requirements in our daily work - together with our colleagues, towards customers, suppliers, business partners and in public.

The DÖRKEN Code of Conduct is intended to create a common understanding of legally compliant and ethically correct behavior in our company and thus form the basis for our responsible actions in our working environment.

Our reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the wellbeing of people.

Ralf Vossius is the human rights officer responsible for human rights at our company.

The human touch

Respect, tolerance and fairness are the basis for success, harmony and enjoyment in the workplace. In our family-run company we enjoy close relations and are there for each other.

The focus of our attention is on people and respectful behaviour is self-evident for us. Also in times of crisis, we make sure that our employees are okay.

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Innovations are our future. The ongoing work on new and further developments delivers our commercial success and often secures our position as market leader.

For over 125 years DÖRKEN has developed products and services that continuously set new standards. The basis for the ongoing success and growth of our business areas is an innovation culture that we live and nurture across all levels.


As a chemicals company, we feel a particular duty to preserve and protect the environment. We have ambitious environmental goals that we work on continuously in the scope of our organised environmental management to systematically advance ecological progress. We have committed ourselves to further evolve our environmental protection - beyond the statutory requirements - in accordance with the designated environmental goals. As innovators, we are leading by example: many of our products already meet requirements yet to be put into legislation.

The anchoring of sustainability in the company culture and the joint commitment of employees and partners makes DÖRKEN more competitive, profitable, innovative and interesting to new talent and co-operation partners.

Thorsten Koch CEO

Reliability and authenticity

Diligence - responsibility - honesty: these are the characteristics of DÖRKEN employees, forming the basis for successful co-operation – including with our customers and partners in the market. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses in our actions, which gives us credibility.


Loyalty is the basis for trust-based co-operation and the successful implementation of our projects and strategies. The long service of our employees - throughout all areas - is the visible manifestation of this sense of belonging to the company.

David Wawrzynczok and Eva Wolf
Eva Wolf (lab worker) and David Wawrzynczok (Head of Sales Service), with DÖRKEN since 1989 and 2010


We promote diversity within the company and are open to hiring employees with different backgrounds - irrespective of ethnic origin, religion, culture or sexual orientation. We are convinced that we can only benefit from this diversity - as a company and as a team. Different perspectives and experiences, new approaches and solutions - all of these help us progress and strengthen our position as an internationally active company.

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